Small wins will help
reduce staff absenteeism

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Small wins can help
increase staff productivity

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Small wins will make
a positive workplace

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The introduction of the Small Wins Campaign can positively affect the lives of employees by improving engagement in health and fitness practices and research has shown ‘workplace wellness can reduce risk factors such as smoking, and increase healthy behaviours such as exercise

‘When employees feel engaged and productive at work, it positively affects their lives at work and beyond the workplace’ Global Workplace Report 2013 (Gallop, Inc.)

Small changes towards a healthier lifestyle such as engaging in a physical activity you enjoy or making positive changes in your diet can have positive effects on energy levels and time spent with family and friends.

We provide health screening coupled with regular contact from your assigned online personal trainer that will ensure you are motivated to achieve your health and fitness goals. Improving health will award employees with added energy, increased happiness and has been shown to improve motivation and presenteeism in the workplace

Employees who feel valued give a greater discretionary effort in the workplace and will allow your workplace to run more efficiently. Fewer sick days will mean a happier and more energetic workforce which will work towards lowering stress levels amongst employees.

Every employer wants to motivate their employees to perform optimally in the workplace, ensuring that time spent at their workstations is spent in the most efficient and productive manner.

By engaging in the Small Wins campaign, employees can enjoy an increase in their health and wellness and resulting positive effects can be felt in the workplace. Happier and healthier employees have more energy and vigour in the workplace and therefore tend to give a higher discretionary effort in their employment.

Employee engagement has been proven to increase as a result of participation in wellness campaigns, with a marked increase in discretionary effort in the workplace.


AIB sports & social club – south west region

“Small Wins” combines modern day technology with the vast experience and knowledge of the Nisus trainers. The campaign encouraged a diverse body of staff to improve and promote a healthier lifestyle. Online coaching enabled us to offer Small Wins to a broader geographical audience thereby including more staff.

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The Technology we use

Nisus Corporate Fitness Solutions have teamed up with
MYZONE which is an accurate and convenient way for
employees to track their concerted physical activity via heart
rate technology.

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